Looking for a place where you can download all the videos you want for free? And you’re not going to get charged with copyright infringement? You’re in luck, we’ve found some for you.

We know how tedious it can be looking for video clips online, so we put together this short post with five sites that offer stock video for free. Here are the top 5 best sites for free video clips.

  1.   Videvo

Videvo is known to be one of the largest online resources on the internet for free stock videos. They have over 4000 videos for you to choose from. In general, look for videos that have a “Videvo Standard License” for you to be able to use them on your projects, but be sure to read the license for each clip before you use it.

  1.   Vimeo

Artist Phil Fried has a group called “Free HD Stock Footage” where you can download all the clips you want. Full versions of these videos, however, are available for purchase. Again read the terms for use in the group.

  1.   Stock Footage for Free

203 free videos are available for you in Stock Footage for Free. Keep in mind, however, that these videos are for general commercial use only.  The website will try to up-sell you the VideoBlocks online subscription with popup windows and strategically placed videos throughout the site. Always read the license.

  1.   Pixabay

On Pixabay, you’ll be able to find 1400 free video clips that require no credit and can be used under a general commercial license. Read the terms of use before you put it in your next video production project.

  1.   Cute Stock Footage

Cute Stock Footage has about 1800 video clips including animations and background video clips. We highly recommend that you read the Terms of use before adding it to your video project.

So, if your learning how to edit or need a quick clip for a volunteer project, you might find it on one of these five stock video sites. Good luck!