video production

Video Marketing and Promotion

After finishing the video, you are ready to release it but just because you have a video, that doesn’t mean that you are going to get people to view it. You are competing with millions of other people and you need to stand out. You need to promote your video to get the results that you want.  

Spreading the word is incredibly important because it is marketing your video to the people who want to watch it. This isn’t about how you are distributing the video, we already covered that, and this is about how you are marketing it. Yes, we have talked about Facebook Ads, YouTube advertising and more, but there is much more to it than that.  

Here are some quick trips to market your video through the Internet, and get noticed by those who you want to watch your video. 

Always Include a Call-to-Action

When you have a video on YouTube, it is all about ensuring other people see that video. This means you want them to like, share and comment. That community interaction is what boosts your video in YouTube searches. Always include a call-to-action for your video. 

Promote your Video

Promote your video to the people you know first. This is important because these are the people who are going to see the most value in the video. They will also be likely to share it with their own online friends. That is free advertising that can make a great video go viral. 

Be Active All Over Social Media

This means Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. Promote your videos; talk about how much you like them, what others will get from them. Don’t be afraid to be your own biggest fan.  

Always Include a Link

When you are e-mailing customers, clients, friends or family, always include a link to the video in your e-mail. You are not forcing anyone to watch, but you are giving him or her the opportunity if they so desire. 

Press Release

Send out some press releases for your video. Contact bloggers, reporters and producers. Get your video noticed. News is great for advertising and it is a great way to reach even more people.  


Search engine optimization is also a great way for people to find your video. On your website, have people come to it through SEO keywords and once they are there, encourage them to watch your video to learn more about you, your business and your product or services.  


Look at collaborating with other individuals who make videos so that you can target the same audience and help each other. This is something that Let’s Players do on YouTube to reach new audiences. 

When you have your video completed, it is all about reaching the people who want to watch it. You can do it through paid ads and that is a great strategy, but there are many other ways to get the same result and one of the best is through word-of-mouth and using the Internet’s own methods to boost your video.  

Lastly, you can have a budget of $1 million and you have the best equipment but if your video is awful and if it doesn’t provide your viewers with what they may want, then no one is going to watch it. Always put quality content first, and then focus on everything else related to your video.