video production


When you have planned everything out, and you know what you are going to shoot, how you are going to shoot it and why you are going to shoot, it, you can get down to work with actually shooting the video. This can be the longest part of the process and can run from days to months, to even years. Video production is when you get everything you need for the video. It is when you take everything you have planned and put it into action.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done. There are a lot of work ahead of you when you are filming in the production phase. You have travel, you have time getting the footage you want, and you have to work with your crew and your actors. There is a great deal of work to be done and it can take a long time.

What Is Involved With Production?

In the video production, everything is shot and created. You can recruit a crew at this stage, or at least more of the crew you are going to need, including the sound people as they may not be needed in pre-production.

At this point in the creation of the video, you are going to take the shot list, the schedule and much more from pre-production and begin using it. On a given day you are going to the location you set, and you are going to get the shots you decided on, and you are going to use the storyboard you created.


Depending on the size of the production, the amount of work is going to vary and the time it takes will vary. Generally, it will follow this set schedule each day:

  • Everything begins with the call time, with crews setting up the lights, sound and any of the sets that need to be set up.
  • Once the equipment is ready, the actors are prepared in wardrobe and makeup and they begin rehearsing with the director. The final changes are made at this point before filming begins.
  • When everything is ready, the filming begins and each scene is filmed with changes made to actors, sets and scripts as needed.
  • At the end of the day, the shooting schedule for the next day is approved and a progress report is generated so you know where you are in terms of the final production.

Again, this schedule is often the case when there is a great deal of work to be done on a film. For something short and quick, like a YouTube video, it is much more lax and easy to put together.

The important thing to remember is that no matter the size of the video, production is going to involve getting the shots and footage you need for the final product. It is the continuation of everything you did in pre-production.

10 Tips For A Great Production

To make the filming a breeze, here are some great shooting tips:

    1. The zoom can be great when you want to get close to something but don’t want to be physically close to it. Just don’t use the zoom too much. Keep things simple.
    2. When you are filming, make sure you frame things right. Don’t waste space, and keep the eye of the audience on your subject.
    3. Don’t shoot from just one angle. Mix things up to get all the different shots of one scene that you can.
    4. Backlighting can be a problem, so you should avoid it when you can. They can create shadows and silhouettes you won’t want.
    5. Always record in widescreen and HD these days. People just expect it now.
    6. Record what you want, but don’t waste time recording things you don’t think you will use. This will cut down on your editing time later.
    7. Make sure you have a tripod. The shaky cam can work for some things, but it can also be distracting. Keep things simple and level.
    8. Always have a spare battery around because you never know when you are going to need it.
    9. Ensure you backup everything. Don’t let anything happen where you are lost all your footage from the past.
    10. Have fun with what you are doing. Making a video or a film is a lot of fun, so have fun with it and enjoy it.

When you’re ready to use video production for your business, send us a quick email and we will be happy to meet with you and discuss your options. Stay awesome!