A Powerful Method To Create Branding and Promote Your Own Business

Marketing is not only a system – it may be the most important system in a small business. Social media marketing helps get potential prospects to know, like and trust you. One could argue about what “like” or “trust” is in any given industry, but now more than ever, this definition gets at the heart of the game. Here are the guides that make up the simple, effective, and affordable implementation of YouTube marketing for small business, in a consistent and predictable manner.

YouTube Marketing For Small Business

YouTube Marketing For Small BusinessThere are a lot of good reasons why you should be doing social media marketing and YouTube marketing for your small business. As well as many advantages. Of course we won’t be creating these videos just for fun, our focus here is to promote your small business. There are a lot of ways you can promote your small business via YouTube. Before you start cranking out videos, I would like to take a moment to discuss what goes into a great YouTube marketing. Our goal, of course, is to make sure people find your video marketing to be “worth watching”.

For those of you wondering how to create videos, let me put things in perspective. The only reason you would want to learn how to make videos is if it’s up your alley (you enjoy presenting). Otherwise you’ll most likely find it a painfully daunting task. If this is the case remember that a good internet marketer always outsources work to save themselves: Time, Effort, Money. If you are outsourcing your videos though allow me to interject these points as the criteria;

  • Voice over should be calm, smooth and scripted.
  • Visually it should be simple and to the point or pretty and pretty.
  • Should ‘flow’ smoothly without problems.

But as I said, this isn’t a guide on outsourcing or creating videos but rather on what to do with them once you’ve got them, so with that being said – onward!

Writing Your Video Description

The first thing you’re going to want in your description is a link to your website, make sure that the link is short (http://YourSite.com) and that all words in your website link are capitalized. Next write a short blurb about what they’ll find, make sure you incorporate your main keyword within the first few words.

Keep writing! think of this as content for your video, don’t hesitate to keep writing (paste an article, this seems to help) using your keywords and inserting link (where necessary, don’t spam).

Finding The Best Keywords to Target

Finally you’ll have the keywords, for YouTube you’ll have to put quotations around the keyword phrases and spaces in between. When entering keywords make sure you try variations of the same keyword phrase but with characters in between,

Example: “video marketing” “video-marketing” “what is video marketing”.

You want to cover as many keywords as possible. A great way to find the top keywords in your niche is to view the top 5 videos and write down keywords that they feature. Then combine them all and you’ll have some killer keywords.

Promoting Your Video on Other Websites

Now that your video is uploaded hopefully filled with yummy keywords that you’ve picked out. The next step is not to just let it sit and mellow but to start a very subtle and powerful ranking process.

Write three articles of three hundred words with different but similar keywords. Submit one copy of each to EzineArticles.com, GoArticles.com, ArticlesBase.com, Squidoo, Blogger every 2-3 days. Then use Ping.fm to social bookmark the properties.

Embedding Your Video On Your Website

It is possible (and a great idea) to put your video on your own website. Fortunately, this can be done easily with the YouTube url. Whenever the video is viewed, it counts as a view on YouTube. Pasting it into your website is as simple as grabbing the video url directly from YouTube.

YouTube marketing for small business is a fantastic way to not only build high quality backlinks to your site, but also to really get the word out about your small business. But, remember guys video isn’t a magical rocket ship which will fly you far away from all your problems. It’s a means to something greater but by no means is it itself the the only means. Good Luck!

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