If there is one location on the Internet built for marketing of videos, it is YouTube. The second-largest search engine in the world, YouTube is where you can find all the great videos. It is where you can reach millions of people and where you can get your YouTube video noticed. However, the problem is that with so many videos, it is hard to get noticed. 

Don’t worry though, follow these tips and tricks and you will be able to market your video on YouTube with ease.

One of the most important things to remember with YouTube is that you want to make sure you reach people, and that means having the right content and keywords to get them interested.

Keywords and Metadata

Keywords and metadata are vitally important to the YouTube video world. Again, always remember that YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. That means that people type in keywords to find the videos they want. You need to use SEO marketing when you are marketing your video on YouTube. You have 500 characters for keywords and 5,000 characters for a description. Use all of them to get your video noticed.

The other thing you need on YouTube is to have a really great thumbnail. A thumbnail is the cover of your video book, and if the thumbnail is boring, users are not going to view it. You need to keep it interesting and dynamic. Have good colours and an image that grabs the attention quickly.

An excellent title is important with a YouTube video. A short, to the point but also interesting YouTube video is great. This is the title of your video book, and just like the thumbnail, people will judge whether they want to watch it or not based on the interest it sparks in them.

Lastly, you have about one minute or shorter to grab the attention of a user. Don’t slowly lead into anything in the video. Hook them immediately and get them wanting more out of your video. Keep them watching with great content.

YouTube Video Options

There are many options to consider with your YouTube video marketing.

1. Video Requirements

Upload your videos in mp4 format. This is the format YouTube uses and it offers much smaller file sizes. Also, you don’t lose any quality when compressed into that format. In addition, any video size and any length are okay as long as you verify your identity with YouTube through an easy quick-check system.

YouTube Video Requirements

2. Video Stats

Through your video manager, YouTube offers a multitude of video stats from where people view your video from, how long they stay, how many minutes they watch in total, how many views the video gets, how engaged people are and much more. There is an abundance of data available to you so you know how well your video is doing on YouTube.

YouTube Video Stats

3. Promotion

If you want to promote your video on YouTube, you can use YouTube Advertising. Facebook Ads works much the same way as this and allows you to target specific regions and user groups. It does tend to be more expensive than other forms of social media advertising.

YouTube Promotion

4. Demographics

There are 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute on YouTube and billions of people use the website every month. YouTube reaches 81 per cent of all the Internet users in the United States each year alone. The audience of YouTube is primarily younger, with millennial generation being the largest group of users on the website.

YouTube Demographics

5. Pros and Cons

The pros of using YouTube are the fact that there are no limits on your video. It can be 10 hours or 10 seconds, and it can be 10 megabytes or 10 gigabytes. It doesn’t matter, you can upload it. The con for YouTube is that it does not allow for as specific targeting as you would get with Facebook, and it can be hard to reach the users that you want through simple SEO marketing on the website alone.

YouTube Pros and Cons